You never forget your first OWS

Tonight, I’m doing the first Splash and Dash of the season. The nervous butterflies have started, but I know that I’m more prepared than I was at this time last year. I’ve already practiced in a wetsuit. I’ve built my swimming skills and endurance with Masters Swim.

This timely article was published this week:  5 Ways To Make The Open Water Swim Less Initimatidating

After I read the article by Meredith Attwood (Swim Bike Mom), I remembered my first OWS.  I remember leaving Tempe Town Lake, defeated but challenged.  I was determined to conquer the swim at my next attempt and I did!

Balancing Mommy


Adventures in trying on Wetsuits and Attempting an Open water swim (OWS)

Temperatures have been a little cooler the past week, which is great for running but not so much for swimming! I was hoping that I wouldn’t have a choice about wetsuits and that it would ultimately be decided for me. Not the case!

Since I’ve been indecisive, I called and visited Triple Sports in Scottsdale for a wetsuit. Tracy was super helpful and found a couple of suits that fit me (that were for rent), but after I got one on I decided not to rent. Since the temps are borderline, she put me in a sleeveless suit. Even then, I felt constricted, so I didn’t want to add that to my stress.

Note: I did find a super cute sports bra on clearance, and Tracy offered some triathlon tips, so the trip was still productive.

Tracy’s tips:

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