Splash and Dash #1 4/9/15 {recap}

What a difference a year makes!  As you may remember, I left last year’s Splash and Dash feeling deflated and anxious about the Esprit de She open water swim.  This year, I was better prepared.  I had 2.5 months of masters swim & a wetsuit to help me out.  I left Tempe Town Lake feeling ecstatic and energized for next month’s race.

I wasn’t planning on swimming in a wetsuit, but the temperature dropped the weekend before and the water temperature was at 70.  On Tuesday, I practiced my longest swim ever (950m!!) and ran into a Triathlon coach from TriLife at the pool.  She gave me some tips on relaxing in the water.  She also suggested I swim in a sleeveless wetsuit for the splash and dash and have one on hold for the Esprit de She in case it’s wetsuit legal.  The practice swim was so fruitful because it also connected me to IG friends who helped reassure me that all will be fine.

I started calling around to see about wet suit rentals but unfortunately, because of the Marquee Tri, rental suits were already taken.  I lucked out at Destination Kona, since they sold me a wet suit suit at less than rental price!  Tracy came to my rescue again before the Splash and Dash (she gave me all those awesome tips before last year’s Splash and Dash).  She’s my Tri Fairy Godmother!

A couple of the MRTT ladies were also going, so we carpooled up to Tempe Town Lake.  We get settled into the sloped transition area, listened to the WannaTri dry land clinic and then got ready to jump into the lake!

The wet suit was a game changer for me!  It allowed me to float without any effort and therefore be more calm and collected when the race started.  I was able to relax and not panic at the beginning of the race.  It was L’s first open water swim, so D and I stayed close by the entire time.  This swim wasn’t about a quick time, it was about helping each other out.  As I practiced sighting and working on my hip rotation, I couldn’t help but smile.  I was comfortably swimming in the lake.  The wet suit was my safety net and it was just fine by me. Throughout the swim, I was kicked and grabbed and swam over, but I didn’t panic and kept it together until the end.  I worked on my sighting and steering (I tend to veer to the right) and staying close to the gals.  As we climbed out of the water, I screamed “we did it!”  I was ecstatic.

During the run, I was running on a Tri high!  Some people need to focus on the road ahead, and just put their blinders on to keep moving.  I, on the other hand, need to cheer on the other runners along the path, epecially the ones who are ahead of or currently passing me!  🙂  I saw some IG friends (@jasenguy and @teamsprinklesandglitter) and AZTNT friends along the course and  another runner also commented that she read my blog!  At first, I thought she meant SwimBikeMom since I was sporting SBM gear.  But after I clarified that I was BalancingMommy, she confirmed that she read MY blog.  It was the first time that this has happened.  

Hi Speedy Reader!! I wished we could have met after the race, but you were too fast for me. When you were approaching me after the turnaround, I couldn’t see your face because of the sun!  😦 I hope to see and meet you soon.  Are you doing Esprit de She?

As I approached the finish line, another runner came up behind me and we sprinted to the finish.  I was trying so hard to catch him, but I just couldn’t do it!IMG_2667  We were all smiles after the race!  I also met up with another EDS Ambassador, Belinda.  She rocked her first OWS! 








It was a great feeling to finish the swim and to have an awesome run.  I was all smiles for the rest of the evening and I decided that I’m moving up from the Super Sprint to the Sprint distance!  I’m committed to Tri this year!!  

2 thoughts on “Splash and Dash #1 4/9/15 {recap}

  1. Hi, I was the reader on the “dash” portion of the Splash and Dash. It was fun to see you IRL. I’ll be at the Esprit de She doing the Olympic distance 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet you there!

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