Masters Swim 6/22/15

I made it to Monday Masters swim for the first time in a long while this morning!  Yay!!

Warm up:

100 swim – 100 kick – 100 pull

Main set:

300s (10 sec rest)

  1. Pull:6x 50s
  2. Fast swim: 12x 25s
  3. 100 kick

200s (10 sec rest)

  1. Pull:4x 50s
  2. Fast swim: 8x 25s
  3. 100 kick

100s (10 sec rest)

  1. Pull:2x 50s
  2. Fast swim: 4x 25s
  3. 100 kick

Cool down: 100 swim
I almost made it through the 200s set! :). I forgot to start my watch during one of the 25s, so my watch has me at 1375.  D’oh!!


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