Sunrise Series:  Water Ranch 6/27/15 {race recap}

As I mentioned before, I love running races in my ‘hood!  I was excited to find out there was another race at the Riparian Preserve.  (Oh wait, I didn’t publish that post?  Hold on let me do that now…)

After re-reading last month’s ARR race, I realized that by extension of my SIL’s resolution (she’s running a race every other month this year) I’m on track for a race every month!  June’s race was the Startline Sunrise Series #3: Water Ranch.  It was a great little race with some great swag!


I picked up my packet on race day and I was surprised to receive my medal right away.  They give the medals when you pick up your bib and you earn a little bar with the name of the race once you cross the finish line.  The tanks are tech material and are a nice full coverage cut for the ladies.  Pretty decent swag for a ~$30 race.


I met up with an MRTT mama at the race and it was fun to have a buddy to chat with before and after the race.  She was super speedy and was exactly a min ahead of me!  🙂


Race gear:  I’m sporting my new favorite running bottoms:  Athleta’s Ready Set 2 n 1.  I love that they have the longer shorts underneath to protect the thigh rub!  They were super comfy during the run.  I’m also sporting my makeshift bib holder.  I used excess length speed laces and extra toggle clips to go around my hydration belt.  It worked really well!

Once the race started, I did my best to maintain a steady pace without pushing too hard too soon.  The race ran opposite of the ARR Riparian Preserve race, we started in the park and headed west first and finished off the canal.  I was able to maintain a pretty consistent pace for the duration of the race.  I was aiming for another sub-30 5k, and I was definitely on track to make it, unfortunately it was another short race!  😦


After the race, we stayed around to cheer for the age group winners. During the award ceremony, the race director acknowledged the short course.  Overall, I really liked this race and I would do it again!  I’ve been eyeballing the next races in the series, unfortunately they are a little too far away for me at this time.


Unnamed image

Although the race was short, I’m still pretty happy with my results!  Sign me up for another race, STAT!  🙂


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