Lifetime Tri Tempe Training Week 1

What a big week!  I’m back on the training and blogging front; we are at the half way point for the year and this was my first week training for the Lifetime Tri Tempe.  I’m following the Swim Bike Train 12 week Sprint distance plan and I started the week off spectacularly; I was cruising along with momentum built up from the previous week.

I ran the Arizona Sunrise Series on Saturday and then I hosted my first MRTT bike meet up on Sunday.

On Monday, my official training began!  I missed masters swim, but I was able do the prescribed swim workout which was timed 100s.  It was fun to do this workout since I was able to see that I actually improved 30sec from my timed 100s last year!!  Super exciting!

On Tuesday, I did a run workout with my running buddy!  I was going to do a lactate threshold test, but I neglected to add the transmitter to my heart rate monitor.  Oh well.  It was a humid and hard run.

On Wednesday, I made it to Masters Swim (yay!) and did my first tempo workout since I started Masters Swim in Feb.


Found treasure during Masters Swim.


On Thursday,  I nailed my rest day!  ðŸ™‚

On Friday, I planned a bike ride for my MRTT groups, but we woke up to rain and thunderstorms.  I was not ready for that kind of ride!

On Saturday, I rode my bike to a local park to meet the MRTT mamas for hills.  The ride was good and hills were tough.  My foot/heel started bothering me once I got home and ached the rest of the day.

We had a low key 4th of July and did a lot of this…

On Sunday, I slept in.  And it was glorious.  Sleep is good.

Notes:  I’m going to follow the plan, but not beat myself up if I miss a workout.  I’m excited that I have a goal again.  I’ve been floating between workouts, and feeling a little blah.  The summer heat in AZ doesn’t help either.  I’m back, my goal for this week is to get my fueling and hydration under control!



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