The Summer of #1millionminutes!

To celebrate SweatPink’s 4th birthday, FitApproach launched the #1millionminutes campaign.  You can join in and log your active minutes to help the #sweatpink community reach the goal of #1millionminutes.  The fun lasts from June 21st through August 21st.

I’ve joined the campaign in an effort to beat the summertime blahs, to help me stay motivated through the last few weeks of summer (Yup, that’s right, can you believe that school starts in a month!?!?) and to continue the momentum through the first weeks of school.  I have a few 5ks and the Lifetime Tempe Triathlon on my calendar, so I can’t allow myself to sleep in and miss the coolest part of the day.  I’m going to have to get creative as the summer moves on.  Thankfully

My goal is to reach 2,700 minutes by the end of the challenge. This factors in my tri training and fun activities (like Just Dance) with the kiddos.

I’m excited and I hope that you’ll join me and the #sweatpink community in staying active this summer!

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