2015 In Review

What?!?!  I know, I can’t believe that the 2015 has come and gone already.  I realized I have a backlog few race reports to publish (at this point they’ll probably just be pictures), but I’ll at least start my yearly recap here.


I competed in at least one race every month in 2015.  This was my SIL’s resolution for 2015, and I’m somehow the one who completed it.  I participated in a couple of virtual races and I won or earned free race entries for a few races, so that was super helpful.  I’m proud to say that I rocked my Sprint Triathlons in 2015 and I’m looking forward to my first International distance in 2016!

  1. January Commitment Day 5k https://instagram.com/p/xUfs26QpX0/ & Life Time Indoor Tri https://instagram.com/p/xcPc63wpew/
  2. February Lost Dutchman Half Marathon https://instagram.com/p/zIlTMUwpSf/
  3. March Froyo 5k https://instagram.com/p/z7wnAwwpXG/& Tri 4 the Cure https://instagram.com/p/0h2UIXwpd0/
  4. April Run3rd 5k https://instagram.com/p/1VrRwnwpcm/, Boston Run to Remember 5k (virtual) https://instagram.com/p/1qVPA0wpbf/, Life Time Indoor Tri https://instagram.com/p/18v69gQpVh/
  5. May Esprit de She Sprint Triathlon  https://instagram.com/p/2OJC9kQpQ8/ & Arizona Road Racers Sunrise series #1 Riparian Preserve 5k https://instagram.com/p/3BzR4uwpaG/
  6. June Arizona Sunrise Series Water Ranch 5k https://instagram.com/p/4b6xT9QpQ6/
  7. July Arizona Road Racers #4 Kiwanis Park 5k https://instagram.com/p/5R-09PQpdx/
  8. August MRTT Virtual run https://instagram.com/p/6ctNwbQpWd/
  9. September Life Time Tri Tempe Sprint Triathlon https://instagram.com/p/73ydndwpeA/
  10. October Tri Family Racing Seville Maxi Plus Tri https://instagram.com/p/8_PtvCQpXA/
  11. November Clara’s Run (virtual) https://instagram.com/p/-EYko-wpbU/, Gilbert Half Marathon https://instagram.com/p/-W0AoQQpbv/,  & Be Brave Be Thankful 5k (virtual) https://instagram.com/p/-jUi57wpdh/
  12. December Hot Chocolate 15k https://instagram.com/p/-9aoc1QpZU/

I struggled to find my voice and what I’m all about.  I love to write and participate in blog adventures and contests but I also struggled with making time to write and post.  I’ve been really fortunate to be selected as an ambassador to some pretty awesome races and brands this year.  This year, I cast my net too wide and then I felt overwhelmed with my decisions.  I’m working on becoming  more structured on my postings, since it’s fun to look back and see what I’ve accomplished. 

What’s in store for 2016?  I’m excited that I’ve been selected as a 2016 ambassador for Moxie Cycling and Esprit de She (use GEDS16AMB058 for $5 off any event).  


I’ve already had opportunities to promote the 2016 Hot Chocolate race.   


I have my races planned out through May.  It’s very fitting that 2016 is an Olympic year since I’m registered for my first Olympic distance tri in April. #BeYourPotential2016



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