January 2016 {recap}

January 2016 has come and gone, but I’ve this post percolating in my head so here it is…

January started off with me missing my first race of the year (Lifetime Indoor Tri).  I came down with a bad cold/fever so I was out for a few days.

After a few days, I was back to normal and feeling like myself again.  I had to quickly get back on the training wagon since the Lost Dutchman Half was just around the corner.  I participated in Swim Bike Mom’s Virtual Race benefiting Project Semicolon.

By the end of the month, I was happy that we were able to get our weekly rides started up again!  I didn’t get on my bike for the months of November and December.  Yikes!  I’m moving up in my cycling skills; I own bike shoes, pedals and the cleats!  I just need to work more on practicing clipping in and out so I’m more confident while we’re out on the road.

During this month I also completed Swim Bike Fuel.  This will be an ongoing process to figure out the best ways to make the right choices for fueling and to really help me gain control of my everyday fueling choices.  I feel much better when I eat well, so I’m planning on making that happen regularly!

My goal for this year is to focus on the nutrition and try not to burn out on racing.  I want to have fun and enjoy the activities without too much pressure but I was also want to do well.  I’ll be dancing the line between having races on the calendar to keep the motivation going and managing appropriate expectations.  Let’s do this 2016!


Monthly Totals:

Swim 3.82 mi (4:00:31)

Bike 30.64 mi (2:42:31)

Run 44:48 mi (10:15:55)

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