LostDutchman Half Marathon 2/14/2016 {race recap}

I ran the gorgeous Lost Dutchman Half Marathon course this weekend.  While it wasn’t my best time ever, the Lost Dutchman course holds on to the title of  my favorite race in the valley.

It was a gorgeous morning for the race!

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Birthday Arizona! Happy Raceday!! #lostdutchmanhalfmarathon #raceday #werunsocial

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There was big group of Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town ladies at this race.  We even had an visiting member from CA in town just for this race!


Pre-race shoefie


We had two teams for the Half Marathon!  Here’s MRTTAZ (More on this later)


The two memberes of the MRTTAZ2 Team, other team members were en route to the race.


Dionne and I were representing Moxie Cycling at this event!


After running the MRTT sign back to the van and one last potty break, it was time to get started!  I didn’t get a start line photo because we got to the starting line just as the race commenced.

Nutrition note:  I had a piece of toast and avocado en route to the race (2 hrs before race time).

I started off with Stacey (who was running her first half) and Dionne.  We were running toward the sunrise and I was reminded why this was one of my favorite races!  It’s just breathtaking.


Of course selfies along the course are a given!

#lostdutchmanhalfmarathon we are off!! #mrtt #raceday Yay for Stacey's first half!!

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I was chugging along at a good pace and I tried to not to speed up too soon, but in these first 3 miles I got caught by some run/walkers.  While we were averaging about the same pace,  I would get blocked by their walking breaks.   After a couple of miles going back and forth, I decided to turn up the pace slightly while they were walking to get a little bit of cushion between us.  I felt pretty good at the faster pace, but I didn’t want to peak to early.  I settled back into my new groove.

The temperature was perfect at the start, but once the sun cleared the mountains, it was just slightly warmer than I preferred.

It was about this time that the first half marathoner was already heading back.  It was a boost to cheer him on and then to see the runners that were following.   I was able to see and cheer for a lot of my racing buddies.  I love out and back courses for the extra cheering motivation!  I even got this great picture of Pratima and Toni from MRTT!


At the turn around this guy was blasting “God Bless America” on his car stereo and it was awesome!!


I was able to get one more picture before my phone/camera started acting up!  The beautiful scenery is why I love this race.


I tried to get pictures of Dionne and Stacey, but the camera on my phone was acting squirrely.  I cheered for the rest of the MRTT/SRTT ladies along the course.

On the way back, I started faltering mentally.  I was trying to hold on to my pace until mile 10 so that I could turn on the jets.  At first I tried to break things down in to 5ks, but that only worked for a little bit.

I caught up to Pratima and Toni while they were on a walk break, but I was so disappointed that they were ready to run again.  I let them go ahead, and I walked a bit  because I got it in my head that I needed to walk.  From this point (the last 5 miles), I tried to make sure that I was using gravity and momentum to my advantage on the down hill portions.  I walked a little bit with Nadine, but her walking stride is much faster than my walking stride.  She’s getting ready to run the Phoenix Marathon in a couple of weeks; she is going to rock it!

I could feel my brain fighting me, so I channeled my inner Kimmy Schmidt and tried to make it from aid station to aid station and then 10 secs to the next 10 seconds.

The first marathoner was approaching and I saw another runner miss the warnings by the police escort.  The runner had to be physically touched by the official in order to get her to move out of the way.

PSA:  Racers, please leave your music in one ear.  Let’s be safe, please!

I was pumped as the first marathoner blew by me.  I’m just amazed at their athletic abilities!  I’m not sure if it was the heat, or my lack of  hill training (and lack of running in general) but I was done.  It felt like a slog.  I just couldn’t get my feet to move any faster.  At the last big uphill (less than a mile from the start), I caught up to Pratima and Toni but this time I didn’t walk with them.  I told them they were going to pass me anyways, so I was going to keep chugging.

Toni had 2:30 in her sights and we were right at 2:25 or so with about a half mile to go.  We turned on the jets, and I was cruising downhill but then I lost my motor!  Toni kept trying to “pull” me to her, she was just in front of me and I just couldn’t get my feet to go any faster.  We crossed the finish line after 2:30, but we were so glad to be done.


Nutrition commentary: I ate one date at miles 4.5; 8.5 and 12.  I drank Tailwind (naked) and water during the run.  I probably should have had two dates when I took them, since that’s what I practiced and I probably should have had little more water along the way since it was just a tad bit warmer.


We caught up with some of the trail and 10k runners and waited for the rest of the team members to come in.  The post race festivities are still pretty awesome.  I missed the awesome breakfast burritos (I remembered from previous races), but the wraps were pretty tasty.   We cheered for the age group winners in the 10k and half.  When it was finally time for the team awards ceremony, I was disappointed that the teams didn’t get medals*.  The first place team won a $50 gift card to Road Runner Sports! Congratulations to MRTTAZ2!!  (Lucky them!!)  I’m just glad that I had a chance to run with these lovely ladies!


Photo credit: C. H. Wilson





Lost Dutchman Half


This is the 9th half marathon that I’ve finished!  (There was one race where I was a DNS.)  Honestly, I’m a little burnt out with the half marathon distance.  Training is tough, and I’m reminded that now that I’m a three sport athlete, I can’t expect to improve in all three sports at the same time.

I will come back and do another race with Lost Dutchman and I’m thinking trails!  Eventually, I’ll be back for another half or 10k.  It’s definitely not a course that you want to plan to PR, since the hills and the weather could get to you.  Their medals are always awesome — this year, the sun spins!!


* Since I enticed everyone with the medals, I was a little embarrassed that they weren’t given this time around.  I did email the race director, and I’m not delusional!  We may get our 2nd place medals after all.  🙂

Disclaimer:  I paid for my race entry.  As a Moxie Cycling Ambassador I was given a stipend to select clothing.  I selected the Violet Colorblock Heather Tee Jersey to wear during training season and for this race.


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