March 2016 Mileage

March was weird.  Spring Break took a big chunk out of our daily routines. We had fun adventures and I was able to get a re-start in my gardening adventures and yesterday I saw the start of the blooms!


I haven’t been motivated to run, and when I was able to get a run in, it was not pretty. The runs felt heavy and they were tough.  It seems like I’m not alone in this… (RUnladylike and The TRex Runner).  I chalked it up to overtraining during the AZ cooler weather season and a little bit of depression since all the Spring Triathlons on my radar went down the drain (literally since they drained Tempe Town Lake).  

Overall, I’m happy with my swimming and biking improvements.  I’m still relishing last week’s Tri in the 50m pool.  It felt glorious!   For April, I’m hoping  to get my running mojo back and keep up the swimming and the biking momentum.  I have a couple of fun 5ks on the calendar (Run3rd 5k and the Ultimate Wine Run).  I have ideas for bike activities this spring and I better get on that since April has already sprouted! 

March 2016 Totals:

Swim:  6.14 mi

Bike: 40.76 mi

Run:  19.09 mi

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