July 2016

Started July 13, 2016

We’re quickly approaching the end of summer here in AZ.  Classes are back in session in less than two weeks and it’s time for mid year reflection and reassessment.

The temperatures have been oppressive this summer; while I had a good workout routine going towards the beginning of the summer, I realized that I’ve started to aestivate (summer hibernation) and my workouts have gone to the wayside.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a little down about not being able to do an Olympic distance triathlon on my calendar.  I was registered for Spring Triathlons which were cancelled due to repairs on Tempe Town Lake, and my family’s schedule didn’t match up with races that have occurred in the area.  Destination races haven’t been feasible this summer.  I thought about adding local 5ks to my race calendar, but the costs adds up too quickly especially when I’m currently signing up for winter races (at their reduce prices, of course).  That said, I’m done moping about this and I’m turning my current attitude around and looking forward to the fall and winter race schedule.


  • Complete the virtual “She Believed She Could” Tri 70.3 distance over the course of a month 
  • Strength training 1-2x week
  • Yoga 1x a week

Upcoming races:

  • Hot Chocolate 15k (Dec. 4th)
  • Heroes for Recovery 6k (Dec 18th)
  • Lost Dutchman Trail Run 8k (Feb )
  • Phoenix Marathon 13.1 (Feb )

August 1, 2016 

Update:  In typical fashion, I didn’t hit post!  School has started and we’re settling into our new routines.

I’m happy to report that I turned it up a notch and finished my Virtual 70.3 in July!  Yes, most of my mileage came in the last two weeks!

Now, to get more strength training and yoga into my life!  😂

July mileage:

Swim:  6:16:39; 6.18 mi

Bike: 4:40:31; 58.38 mi

Run: 4:35:23; 19.22 mi

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