Hi Y’all!  Our family has had an amazing opportunity to travel for the last month (and continuing) and here are some highlights from our travels so far.  We planned a majority of our trip around National Parks (to help celebrate the centennial) and also around visiting family.

  1.  Junior Park Rangers!  The kiddos don’t mind working hard for the extra bling at a National Park or National Monument.  The younger one needs a little more corralling and cajoling to finish the work, but she still helps finish the work.  The older one loved to challenge himself to get extra badges, if available.  The hubby and I don’t mind spending the extra time learning more about the park/monument.  Once a nerd, always a nerd!  We only missed one badge opportunity (Devils Tower National Monument) since we arrived to the park too late, but I’ll probably print out the Junior Ranger Booklet and complete it when we get home (or maybe even while we’re on the road).
  2. Running while we’re on the road hasn’t been easy.  There were a few places were I just couldn’t bring myself to run on a treadmill in a cramped room when it was gorgeous (but not safe to run) outside.  I am thankful that I was able to squeeze in a few miles while we’ve been out and about.
    1. Yosemite CA
    2. Jackson Hole WY
    3. Grand Teton WY *  (Amazing biking trails!)
    4. one treadmill run in SD
    5. Mount Vernon IL — best surprise ever!  The hotel I picked was along a trail and I had no idea until we arrived.
    6. Mammoth Cave KY
    7. Columbia SC *
    8. Savannah *
    9. Disney’s Old Key West Resort

      * I wish I was able to run here!  There were tons of runners out and about and some great scenic walking/running paths were available, I just ran out of time.  We did manage to get walking miles in as a family!

  3.  The kiddos have been absolute troopers!  They’ve hiked 4+ miles in one trek (Yosemite’s Mirror Lake) with minimal complaints and are usually whining because we can’t do another trail since we have to hit our driving timeline.  As a family, we survived two 12+ hour days at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.   Both days the kiddos were so great about going with the flow.  img_5665
  4. We’ve covered close to 6,000 driving miles now.  We’re past the half way point for mileage and this week we are focused on recharging and visiting with family (the longest we’ve in one place for the entire trip).  This just means that we’ll be sprinting home starting next week.
  5. So far along, we’ve experienced fall leaves and both winter and summer-like temperatures!


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