2016 In Review

It’s past time for my yearly reflection and now that the holiday crazies are over I have a few minutes to recap the last year.

One of my goals for 2016 was to refocus and honestly, 2016 was weird for me training-wise (running, biking, swimming) and race-wise.  This year I had my sights set on an Olympic race and it just didn’t happen (either due to the Tempe Town Lake construction or our travel schedule).  I didn’t stay consistent with a training plan but I still earned a lot of medals! What’s funny is that even though I was trying to focus and fine tune my calendar; I participated in the same amount of races as I did in 2015! My motivational virtual races added up quickly.  In 2016 was able to finish a Half Marathon, a few triathlons (indoor and sprint distance), a duathlon, a few 5ks, a couple of splash and dashes, a 15k and a new distance — the 6k!

      1. January Power Up 5k (Swim Bike Mom Virtual), worked the RnRAZ expo for Hot Chocolate
      2. February Lost Dutchman Half Marathon
      3. March Esprit de She Indoor Tri, Kapow Run, Tri 4 the Cure, worked the Kiss Me I’m Irish expo for Hot Chocolate
      4. April Run3rd 5k, my first trail run, 5k for my church, and Ultimate Wine Run 5k
      5. May Esprit de She Duathlon, United Relay 9 mile, Birthday 5k and our first family camping adventure!
      6. June Orlando United 5k (virtual), ASU Sun Devil Indoor Triathlon
      7. July  She Believed She Could Virtual Triathlon 70.3
      8. August MRTT Summer Sparkler 5k (virtual)
      9. September Splash and Dash
      10. October NationalSparksTour2016!
      11. November Worked the Tour de Tucson expo for Moxie Cycling, Be Brave Be Thankful any k (Swim Bike Mom Virtual)
      12. December Hot Chocolate 15k and Heroes in Recovery 6k

Big accomplishment from 2016:  img_7043I made large gains in bike and swim:  I can now bike with my shoes clipped into the pedals!  I got out of my comfort zone and joined (or led) group rides in our little corner of the valley.  It was so much fun and I’m looking forward to more epic rides in 2017. My swim times started falling a little bit and my endurance was moving up!  My running got slower and this was frustrating but I have to remember to keep it all in perspective.

Biggest news from 2016:    img_6376We traveled almost 8,500 miles in 41 days!  We did our own National Parks tour (plus some) and reconnected with family and friends.  It was a definitely a trip of a lifetime and my goal is to blog about our adventures.  The trip has confirmed our family’s desire to travel and savor our recharge time at home.  Needless to say, while we were active for portions of the adventure, but we were not regimented with our diet and activity so we gained several pounds.  Goals for this year are to get back to in a healthier range especially now that I’m bumping up to a new age group —  I’m celebrating 4 decades on this big blue marble!

Goals for 2017

  • Be present for the kiddos.  I struggle with wanting to connect with “grownups” so much that I find myself drifting towards my phone and away from the kids.  I’m planning on building more quality active time and less park in front of the screen time.
  • Healthy options for fuel!  In 2016, I was the queen/poster child of the “Fail to Plan, Plan to fail” motto.    This year, I’m working on stocking up on healthier options and ignoring the self saboteur that justifies the fast food.
  • I have a few races lined up for 2017.  I’m being very selective because I’m aiming for a PR and a great time running with my friends Jess in the Phoenix Half Marathon.  My big race for the second half of the year is a doozy!  I’m signed up for the Ironman AZ 70.3.  I thought I was going to focus on the Olympic distance this year, but I went ahead and jumped in feet first for this Half Iron distance tri in October.  I get nauseous every time it comes to mind.  Honestly, I have a feeling that this Half Iron is going to be little like being pregnant (which I am NOT):  nausea, extra coaches, cravings, and all the nervous anticipation in the next 10 months leading up to the event.  Race day will be here before I know it!

Races for 2017 (currently registered as of 1/6/2017)

  • February:  Lost Dutchman 10k
  • February:  Phoenix Marathon – Half
  • April:  Run3rd 5k
  • October:  Ironman Arizona 70.3


Since I’m a joiner — I joined a virtual tri club:  Swim Bike Mom and Trifecta Tri Club.  I’m excited to connect with others across the nation but still have workouts with my local peeps in  MRTT, AZTNT and other workout friends.   After the Phoenix Half, I’ll start the half iron training with a coach.

As I am writing this annual review, I can see that I definitely struggled with balancing all the facets of life in 2016.  I was up until the wee hours planning our trip (and tonight blogging!) and as evidenced in the last few months of 2016, I prioritized other activities before swimming, biking and running.  I’m working on readjusting my perspective and time management.  This fall when SassySpud starts Kinder, I’ll start thinking about rejoining the work force.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  For now  I’ll be following Helly on Run‘s lead — training for these upcoming races will be my job!  I’m #dedicated to achieving my goals.

2017 here I come!!  Let’s do this!!



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