San Tan Scramble 2018

I was excited to be able to knock off one of my New Year’s resolutions right away!  I finished my first trail race at Aravaipa Running‘s San Tan Scramble.  It was held in San Tan Regional Mountain Park and it was such a fun event.  A few ladies from my various running groups were there doing a few of the distances, so it was big party from start to finish!  I even met a fellow Skirt Sports Ambassador while in line for the port a potty!

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I had never done an Aravaipa Race before, but I’ve heard about the swag (finishers glasses!) and the food (burritos!)!  All of it was great and definitely lived up to the hype!!  Trail races have a different vibe.  The atmosphere was fun and upbeat, but also really laid back and chill.

I ran in the area right after Christmas and then decided to sign up for the race.  I signed up for the 9k (to avoid the steep incline of the Dynamite/Goldmine trail) and I loved the rolling hills.  I had never explored this section of the trail before, so I really appreciated the sights.  On race day, I was a little confused on the trails for this particular race, so I was not calibrated correctly when we were on the course.  I thought that we could come back the same way as the Dec 26 trail run, but we had another 1.5 to go!!  We had a great time enjoying the views and pushing/pulling each other along the way.  I never thought that I would enjoy chasing BB8 through the mountains.  🙂  The weather was cool, but warmed up quickly.


Post race, we enjoyed the breakfast burritos and relaxed/danced in the Beer Garden.  The finish line DJ was playing my jam!  No beer for me, it was a little bit too early!  The Freak Brothers Pizza was there post race and it was delicious!  Nothing better to finish off the race with a yummy pepperoni pizza.  The San Tan Scramble was the perfect race to start off the year!  I’ll be adding this one (and hopefully more trail races) to my race calendar!  Hooray for a new distance, new race, and first trail run!  Automatic PRs for the win!!

*I loved the race so much that I forgot to stop my Garmin for 20 min!  We actually kept a pretty good pace overall.

Aravaipa Running: 9K &emdash;

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