2018 Week 1

My big goal this year is to Tri for 2018 miles!  I’ll be swimming, biking, running, walking and hiking these miles.  Right now, I’m feeling great, so I’m also aiming for PRs in my all my distances.

For years, I’ve done Coach Jenny’s Holiday Challenge.  This year, I’m also participating in Coach Jenny’s 2018 Challenge.  The main reason I joined the challenge is the National Parks Challenge!  You know that I’m a big fan of the NPS, so moving my way across 30 parks this year is the perfect motivator.  Each day that I move purposefully for 30 min or more is a point towards a park.  Once I hit the point total for that particular park, I’ll earn that park’s badge.  Right now, I’ve decided that I’m going to earn the parks that we’ve visited in person starting with the larger point total parks and then moving on to the parks on my wishlist!  I’m aiming for the Grand Canyon as my first badge!

Big accomplishments for this first week:

Since 2018 started on a Monday, I’m pleased to report that my training/mental calendars line up with the actual calendar this year!  This will help with my weekly check in towards 2018!

  • Weekly total:  38.7 miles
    • Run:  17.4 miles
    • Bike: 21.3 miles
  • National Parks Challenge:  6 points

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