2018 Week 3

Monday:  I did it!  I earned my first Challenge 2018 badge with my workout on 1/15/18, which also happened to be an MRTT family hike.  Grand-Canyon-National-Park-768x672


Tuesday:  70 min run with strides

Wednesday:  Burn Boot Camp class (Pull up/Jump Rope/Plank Challenge)20180118_091931.jpg

Thursday:  Hill Repeats and Burn Boot Camp Class (Core Conditioning)

Friday:  Swim!!  First swim in forever and it felt great.

Saturday:  Easy 5 miler run.  I didn’t sound like myself when I woke up, but I felt fine running.

Sunday:  Practicing my pacing for the She Power Half.  Initially I was going to run 10 miles, but since I wasn’t feeling 100% stay closer to the Mesa-Phoenix plan of 90 min run.

This was a big week with mileage and having energy for all the workouts!  I just hope that this chest cold doesn’t last.

  • Weekly Totals:
    • Run:  23.9 miles
    • Bike: 0 miles
    • Swim: 0.62 miles
    • Hike: 2.10 miles
  • National Parks Challenge: 7 points (3o+ min workout everyday this week!)

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