2018 Week 4

Whomp, whomp, whomp.  Yeah, so the nice little 11 day workout streak I had ended this Monday.  The kiddo was sick and I wasn’t feeling 100% so I wasn’t able to get my workouts in as previously scheduled.  I had great intentions of setting up the trainer to get some miles in, but even that was waylaid.

This was supposed to be a recovery week anyways.  Any miles are good miles.  I had been avoiding the gym, and I swear it’s because I swam last Friday!  😦  Healthy thoughts, healthy thoughts, must think healthy thoughts!  🙂  Anyhoo, here’s the week in review.

Monday-Wednesday:  sick and caring for a sick kiddo.  Workouts were just wishful thinking.

Thursday:  Cold and not awake for 0.5 mile repeats.  It takes me a little while to warm up.

Friday:  Burned my upper body (especially my biceps).

Saturday:  Easy 60 min run with MRTT


Sunday:  Plan said 1:45 long run, I went with 10 miles to build confidence for pacing the She Power Half.

This week, if it weren’t for MRTT and I don’t think that I would have made my pacing goals.  I don’t think that I even would have gotten out of bed!  When it’s cold, you definitely need the motivation support of your sole sisters!

  • Weekly Totals:
    • Run:   19.2 miles
    • Bike:  0 miles
    • Swim:  0 miles
    • Hike:  0 miles
  • National Parks Challenge:  4 points and I earned my Grand Teton badge in the #Challenge2018 #NationalParksChallenge

Grand Teton NP


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