And I am still here.

It’s Feb of 2020 and I’m still here. I took a look back at my drafted posts and while I only have one 2019 post published, I spotted 5 in various states in the writing process. I just tidied up a post from April and posted it. Two for 2019. Yay!

2019 started off so strong athletically and then I was sidelined with a sesamoid fracture around May. The rest of the year was focused on healing. Honestly, I think I was still in a depression from Hurricane Michael in October 2018. While my immediate family wasn’t directly affected by the hurricane, we have family and friends that are still dealing with the aftermath. It weighs heavy on my heart.

I do post somewhat regularly to Instagram, so I think that having that platform to share shorter tidbits makes it easier. I still have some longer posts to share, so I’m hoping that they’ll be more content here in 2020.

In 2020, I’m working on the year of “No.” Remember in 2015, I took my SIL New Year’s Resolution and ran with it? Yeah, I feel like I’ve been going non-stop ever since. In 2016, I continued to build my momentum with Tri and in 2017, I celebrated my 40th in epic fashion by crossing the line of the AZ 70.3. In 2018, I started off strong with a PR at Phoenix Mesa Half but I finished the year down emotionally with Hurricane Michael, and strong with my first Ragnar.

I continued to push through races 2019 and even signed up and started the Tour de Tucson Century.

I realized after that ride, I don’t need to do these extensive endurance races. Anything that is going to take me 4 or more hours is just too much. I think that I’m also to the point where even half marathons are still too much for this season of my life. So I’m saying “No” to racing all the time. “No” to things that pull me away from the family. Yes, to things that bring me joy. Yes, to things that we can do together as a family. Yes, to healing properly! Yes, to fun adventures.

Apparently, I neglected to download my 2019 Strava year in review video.

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