We joined the Peloton!

The hubby has had the Peloton on his mind for a long while now. I remember him asking me once I was done training for my 70.3 if I was ready to get rid of my Wahoo Kickr and if I would want a Peloton. At the time, I was absolutely against it. I love being able to ride *my* bike and I wasn’t so sure about a stationary bike. The problem with my trainer is that the hubby has no interest in road riding, so he didn’t want to buy a bike for the trainer. Plus, the set up and take down was getting to be a pain. We didn’t want it set up upstairs, and we also didn’t want it permanently set up in the kitchen/dining area.

Welp. As usual, never say never and once never is said, it’ll come true! We ordered a Peloton! Technically, it’s the hubby’s bike and I’m along for the ride, but over the last 6 months it’s definitely grown on me and I’m a Peloton convert!

We ordered the Peloton back in January and it was perfect timing before all the COVID stay at home orders were mandated.

These awesome gentlemen came to set up our bike. It was a super quick service and it took less than an hour. The longest part was deciding what to name the bike and making sure that I had all the hubby’s proper login credentials. Since we were setting it up on carpet, we put a board down underneath the mat. Speaking of which, if you’re going to order a bike make sure that you use a referral code (HDB2DE for $100 in accessories) so that you can get the mat and/or shoes with your bike. I already had bike shoes, so the hubby used his buddy’s referral code for our mat and his shoes. We decided to use a Schoshe Rythmn + for our Heart Rate Monitor and AfterShokz Titanium for headphones. We did change our pedals for SPD-SLs so that I could use my normal cleats/bike shoes.

Since our bike is upstairs and on carpet we picked up a board from Home Depot to put between the mat and the carpet. The mat is 3’x6′ and the bike footprint is 2’x4′ . We have ours upstairs and on carpet, so we put a board underneath it for stability. The board is 35″x71″ from Home Depot.

It took us a few rides to get the fit set up just right, but I think there are videos on the bike and there are online videos (Thank you Christine d’Ercole!) to help.

The Peloton environment is straightforward, but it can be a little overwhelming. There is a handy Find Your Ride Quiz to help you find instructors that best fit your preferences. There are live classes (not as frequent during COVID) and there’s a library of On Demand Classes. At times, Peloton will also schedule Encore classes, which are “replays” of On Demand class, where the leaderboard is wiped clean and you’re free to race!

There are fun themed rides – 80s, 90s Pop and Hip Hop options. Over the last 5 months, I’ve taken Cody Rigsby’s XOXO rides, Ally Love’s Sundays with Love rides, Power Zone rides, and so many more. Each instructor has their own “fandom” and corresponding FB group. Cody’s Boo Crew, Denis’s Menaces, CDE Tribe – Christine d’Ercole just to name a few.

The gamification – badge collecting aspect of Peloton is a big motivating factor for me. There are Special Event badges for completing Artist Series Rides (recent additions in include Lizzo, Whitney Houston, and Dolly Parton) and special themed rides. You earn badges for daily and weekly streaks (I’m currently on a 67+ daily & a 25 week streak) and for completing classes with friends/followers.

Perhaps the biggest milestone is the Century Club! Once you’ve finished 100 rides, you are eligible for the Peloton Century Club shirt. It’s a normal unisex t-shirt, but you’ve earned it by completing those rides!

I’m amazed that instructors have shout outs for riders who are on their 1,000th and even 4,000+ rides! Since Peloton has become very popular, it doesn’t seem as easy to get a shout out for Birthdays or Milestone rides. I haven’t yet had a shout out, but I’m always tickled when instructors dish out high fives.

There’s so much more than just riding! There’s strength, running (indoor and outdoor), yoga, and mediation. You can access content via the Bike screen or the Peloton App (phone or TV). The kids have been getting into yoga and the family strength classes lately.

You can test the app out for free for 30 days. The bike is a bit pricey (for Bike +$2249, Bike $1895 see website for current prices+ $40 a month for content/classes), but I will say that it’s been worth the investment and has been a life saver during our current stay at home/shelter in place environment. This is especially true for the hubby. He’s been used to playing basketball at lunch, and now that we’ve been home, he’s able to squeeze a ride in during lunch or immediately after work.

I love the social aspect of riding with the Peloton. There are high fives for those with similar hashtags or for those celebrating milestones. You can choose to see the Leaderboard, who is currently riding with you and even those who have already completed the ride. You can even repeat a ride and compete against your past self.

If you decide to take a chance on the Peloton use my referral code (HDB2DE) for $100 off accessories. This is very helpful if you don’t have bike shoes or a mat. I’ll get $100 in Peloton store credit for their Peloton active wear and accessories. I’m DesertG8R on the Leadboard, hope to catch you on a ride soon!

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