July 2020 Challenges & More

I’ve been rocking my 2nd Power Zone Pack challenge and I thought that I’d start July with some intentions.

While we’re 12 days in, I’ve fallen off my QC MRTT ab challenge and I missed camps at Burn this week. I was looking to make sure I was still on track and of course, once I put those into writing both Peloton and Burn Boot Camp: Gilbert East announced that they both had challenges starting on July 13th! Peloton is doing the 2020 Pelothon, a 4 week challenge to build community within the peloton. Burn is doing a 30 Day Challenge #Burn30Hard. Being the joiner that I am, I’m going for all the challenges!

There will be some overlap between all these challenges, so the next two weeks are going to be a little nutty. I’m finishing the last two weeks of the Major League Zones Power Zone Pack challenge and the last two weeks of #EnCore21.

After much deliberation, I’ve joined Team #LegendsofFun for the 2020 Pelothon. I always pick Matt Wilpers, Denis Morton, and Christine D’Ercole so I thought this would be the best way to hang out with the #BooCrew, get my Cody Rigsby fix, and get to “meet” other fun instructors. After the next 4 weeks of “fun” – I know I’ll be back for the next Power Zone Challenge, it’s home.

For the Burn #Burn30Hard Challenge, I’ll do the daily challenge exercises and aim for 2 strength camps per week. I’ll also focus on my nutrition (log meals to check protein and veggies), water intake (100 oz daily), and no alcohol for the next 30 days.

This week, I’ll finish Week 7 of Power Zone Pack Challenge. It’s a big week 3 Rides: 45 min, a 60 min, and a 90 min. So I’ll sprinkle in 6 classes with my #LegendsofFun team. I’m looking forward to Cody’s Britney Ride! I’ll add in stretch, strength, yoga as well. I’m aiming for 2 Burn camps: Tuesday’s Push/Pull and Friday’s Upper Body Strength.

Wish me luck!

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