Chance of a Lifetime {book review}

I’ve been a Jude Deveraux fan for years; I tore through all her books while I was in college. It’s been long while since I’ve read her recent work and I was pleased that NetGalley gave me this opportunity to preview this upcoming joint venture with Tara Sheets. I loved the premise of this novel: bound by his mistakes in the past, Liam O’Connor must guide his one true love (Cora McLeod) into the arms of another man in order to right what has been wrong throughout the centuries to provide a life for his love and save his own soul.

The story of Liam and Cora unfolds between two time periods: 1844 Ireland and present day Providence Falls, North Carolina, United States. With the help of angels, Liam remembers everything about his past and struggles to keep up in the current era. Cora, on the other hand, does not have any idea of their connection. The authors expertly weave and intertwine the characters from both timelines. The lush descriptions of Ireland and Providence Falls provide the perfect setting for two people to fall into love, or in this case, do their best to stay out of love.

I was fully immersed in the story and the setting, so much so that I was disappointed once I arrived at the end of the novel. It was then that I learned Chance of a Lifetime was the first in the Providence Fall series! Prepare yourself to want more!

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