The Last Tiara {book review}

Fall break = more reading time! I devoured The Last Tiara by M.J. Rose earlier this month during fall break. This was the first novel that I’ve read by Rose and I’m definitely adding her other novels to my to-read list! Fans of historical fiction, romance, and mystery will enjoy this adventure which spans decades and crosses continents.

The story unfolds in New York City just after World War II and follows Isobelle as she navigates life after her mother’s (Sophia) death. As Isobelle renovates her mother’s apartment, she uncovers a link to her mother’s mysterious past in Russia. The engaging story is alternates from Sophia’s life in Russia during the first World War and Isobelle’s life in America during and after World War II. The are some parallel struggles and successes in the lives of this mother and daughter pair.

I must have been on multiple perspective kick, since this is the 3rd or 4th book that I’ve read recently which switches between two narrators and/or time periods. I really enjoyed the storytelling in this novel, the well researched details completely immersed me in the story.

I had an opportunity to read and review The Last Tiara by M.J. Rose through NetGalley.

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