Tiny Love Stories {book review}

Tiny Love Stories: True Tales of Love in 100 words or less (by Daniel Jones and Miya Lee) is a compilation of short love stories from the New York Times “Modern Love” column. These short snippets are a brief snippet of epic love stories that have lasted and the spark of love stories that never began. Love stories encompass familial love of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons. Love as a testament to a grandparents’ legacy. Brief trysts and falling out of love are also included in this edition.

I read Tiny Love Stories as an electronic advanced reader’s copy, so the pictures and illustrations associated with the stories weren’t as cohesive as a print version. There were a few stories that touched the heart strings, and a couple that left me cold. This is something that you don’t necessarily have to read consecutively. You could pick up and read a few stories at time.

I had an opportunity to review Tiny Love Stories via NetGalley.

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