This Time Next Year {book review}

Sophie Cousen’s This Time Next Year is a fun meet-cute which makes you wonder, “Are some people born lucky? And are others born unlucky?” Quinn Hamilton and Minnie Cooper share a New Year’s birthday and that special day defines their outlook on life. A chance meeting shows the contrast in their lives and how not everything is as it seems. The characters in this novel are so colorful and endearing. This story takes place in an alternate 2020 timeline where COVID-19 and lockdowns do not exist. This book has all my (current) favorite elements: non linear timelines, English setting, alternating narrators, and all the Rom-Com elements that tug at your heartstrings. I was lucky enough to read this sweet and quirky novel thanks to NetGalley & Putnam Books. It’s a perfect read to get you excited about the New Year!

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