Closing out 2020.

2020 was all about pivots and adjusting expectations. Initially I declared 2020 as my “Year of No” – as in no long endurance races and no racing all the time. I intended to approach my race calendar with a selective eye and without FOMO leading the way. Little did I know that my “Year of No” would be a global event. No one could have predicted this year!

Weirdly, one of the last in person races I did had an error in the Bib printing, so my 2020 10K bib says 2019. The rest of my races were cancelled or went virtual, so I needed a little extra motivation to finish the miles.

We joined the Peloton this year, and it’s been amazing! I’m sad to not longer be in the gym with my Burn Sisters, but I’m thankful to have found a flexible and accessible (thanks to being right in my home or pocket) workout. There are so many supportive communities (I’m looking at you Haus of Boo Crew, PowerZone Pack and StayHomeStayMotivated). I worked hard an improved my FTP and even reconnected with My Friend (my college BFF).

I completed 4 PowerZonePack Challenges, which explains this PeloTrak year in review. I’m looking forward to a little more variety in 2021!

In a year of ups and downs, we were lucky to have many ups to balance out the downs. We escaped a car wreck without bodily harm.

We are very lucky to be in good health for the year. We limited our interactions, but we were able to maintain relationships and connections.

Our kiddos made the best of the quick end to the 2018-2019 school year and were troopers throughout our first quarter of distance learning for the 2020-2021 year. They did well transitioning back to in person school.

We added a new four legged family member to our pack and we lost our sweet snuggly girl.

We had to cancel our Spring Break trip, but we were able to get away for a few days during Fall Break to our favorite spot up north.

I rekindled my passion for reading and I started adding book reviews to the blog.

I am pleased that I raised $500 and biked over 250+ miles in the Great Cycle Challenge for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September

In this year’s divisive election, I encouraged people in TX, AZ and GA to vote with Vote Forward!

And now I’m looking forward to inauguration day!

We closed out the year with family time in the snow. We lucked out for the second year in a row, it only snowed while we were there!

Here’s to closing 2020 and looking forward to our upcoming adventures in 2021!

Aaaack! I hit publish and I realized that I forgot about our saving grace during this year! Ice Cream!! I learned how to make ice cream this year, and it was the best pandemic investment ever. Cheers to more ice cream and sweet treats in 2021!

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