Sparks Like Stars {book review}

I was able to preview to this audiobook thanks to NetGalley and Harper Audio. Add this to your to read list! Sparks Like Stars will be available March 2, 2021.

Sparks Like Stars by Nadia Hashimi and performed by Mozhan Marno, is a beautifully written (and narrated), heart wrenching journey of a young Afghan girl immediately after she’s the lone survivor of a deadly coup. The prologue grabbed me from the start and I was with Sitara as she experienced the trauma of losing her family and navigated what came next. We catch up with her decades later as she’s an established surgeon in America. Is it fate that brings her face to face with a patient who may have had a hand in what happened to her family? She sees this as her final chance to find out what happened to her family and to finally lay them to rest. As many obstacles continue to block her path, we see that this is a story of resilience, connection, survival, and family. The bonds of family are strong, whether it’s by blood or if it’s from life’s circumstances.

I really enjoyed the Mozahn Marno’s engaging performance of this novel. I also appreciated the amount of research that went into writing this novel, the scenarios that are described are so detailed and mirror some actual events. While other events are masterfully constructed to extend emotion and depth to the characters the author has created. I’m looking forward to catching up on more stories of Afghanistan by Nadia Hashimi.

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